1.Flower Crown: 280×260mm ¥17,000/2.King 160×120mm ¥7,000/3.Lambs: sold

4.Pastoral landscape 180×130mm ¥8,000/5.Flying over tree tops at night: sold/6.Brothers head to wards the forest: 200×150mm ¥11,000

5.with a calm mind :sold/6.Lambs and Man :280×270mm ¥16,000/7.Warm Wind : sold



1.A Bird at the sea :250×255mm ¥16,000/2.Pair of Parrots :sold/3.Twin Parrots :455×350mm ¥34,000

4.Hotting at night :sold/ 5.Guardian of the night forest :500×390mm ¥42,000/6. Boar :240×170mm ¥13,000

7.Owl Assembly :sold/8.When vultures surround you, try not to die :470×345mm ¥34,000/9.Panther and Man :170×150mm ¥8,000

1.A Sleep under the moon :470×560mm ¥53,000/2.Vulture on the Cactus :sold/3.Lover's Bird :sold 

4.Peace Bird :sold/5.Twin Albatross :sold/6.Penguin's Dream :sold 

1.Flying Elephant :sold/2.Pair of Koalas :sold/3.Soul Knows :280×340mm ¥18,000

4.Bird wears light and darkness dresses :sold/5.Sleeping Koalas :370×310mm ¥30,000

6.White face of God :400×455mm ¥36,000/7. Yellow Road :sold

1.Look for a Moon light :sold/2.Holy Birds :sold3.Parent and Child :sold

4.Crying Cow :390×280mm ¥28,000/5.RED MASK :400×340mm ¥34,000/6.Heaven's garden :sold

1.Black Bird :250×230mm ¥16,000/2.Hello White Bear :500×520mm ¥48,0003.Breath deeply in the night :sold

4.Yours :sold5.Gorilla&Monkey :sold/6.Rabbit :435×360mm ¥3,5000


1.IN A CAGE : 640×360mm ¥47,000/2.CROW :600×475mm ¥48,000/3. Three  Lambs:準備中

4.Ostrich :225×175mm ¥10,000/5.DUCK 545×460mm ¥4,600:/6. CROW:¥38,000

7.Fox : 240×180mm ¥13,000/8.IN THE NIGHT:297×210mm ¥7,000/9.Hong Monkey :500×550mm ¥46,000 

1.木登り猿 :sold/ 2.Sky blue Rhino :sold /3.猿の手 :210×200mm ¥12,000/4.Liama :sold

5.Monkey face :280×180mm ¥13,000/6. Monkey :510×430mm ¥47,000/7.Owl into the night :sold

8.Warm Hag :sold/9.Sheep :sold/10.Sky blue Horse :280×255mm ¥17,000/11.Black face Deer :210×297mm ¥9,000