左上〜:White face of God :400×455mm ¥36,000/Bird wears light and darkness dresses :sold outFlying Elephant :180×110mm ¥11,000

中央上〜:Turtle and Grab :290×390mm ¥28,000/ Pair of Koalas :300×360mm ¥26,000STAR NIGHT BIRD :260×310mm ¥17,000/ Yellow Road :sold out

右上〜:STAR NIGHT BIRD :260×310mm ¥17,000/Sleeping Koalas :370×310mm ¥30,000/Soul Knows :280×340mm ¥18,000

左上〜:Look for a someone :sold out/Look for a Moon light :sold out/Holy Birds :380×290mm ¥28,000

中央上〜:Heaven's garden :sold out/ Parent and Child :sold out/ON THE STARRY LAKE :370×310mm ¥32,000

右上〜:RED MASK :400×340mm ¥34,000/You want something :sold out/Crying Cow :390×280mm ¥28,000

左上〜:Yours :準備中/Turtle in Deep sea :395×325mm ¥28,000/BUFFALO :795×500mm ¥77,000/Rabbit :435×360mm ¥3,5000

中央上〜:Gorilla Monkey :sold out/ Pink hyena :470×360mm ¥36,000/Breath deeply in the night :sold out Hello White Bear :500×520mm ¥48,000

右上〜:DACK :sold out/Black Bird :250×230mm ¥16,000/Wolf :450×390mm ¥38,000/The prayer :290×300mm ¥19,000


左上〜:木登り猿 :sold out/ Sky blue Rhino :sold out /猿の手 :210×200mm ¥12,000/Liama :sold out

中央上〜:Monkey face :280×180mm ¥13,000/ Monkey :510×430mm ¥47,000/Owl into the night :sold out

右上〜:Warm Hag :sold out/Sheep :sold out/Sky blue Horse :280×255mm ¥17,000/Black face Deer :210×297mm ¥9,000